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10 Smart Hacks to Get More Likes On Instagram



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Even though the public visibility of likes on Insta posts is a thing of the past, the amount of hearts a picture receives can still tell you a lot about your reach and engagement.

More likes mean more engagement, and for businesses, that is still a metric that matters.

Looking to boost the number of hearts your posts get?

Here are some tips to help your feed stand out from the competition.

Get Inspired!

If you feel like you’re stuck in a rut, the easiest way out is to expand your horizons. 

Looking at how other businesses are producing content on Instagram can help you break out of the same posting routine you’ve been stuck in. This can help you engage with your audience better, attract new followers, and best of all, get more red hearts on your posts. 

Be In It To Win It

A like based competition is a surefire way to increase your engagement. 

If it works for your business or brand, a giveaway where the winner is chosen by liking and commenting will be a quick way for you to get more likes on your posts. 

Competitions like this are a tried and tested low-cost way to boost brand awareness and sky-rocket engagement. 

Use Your Hashtags Correctly

Upping your hashtag game is a great way to get more eyes on your posts (and more eyes, equals more likes).

For a more detailed how-to guide on using hashtags correctly check out our blog post here.

Essentially, for hashtags to work for you, you need to do your research.

The more selective you are with what hashtags you use, the better reach that your post will have. There is a real art to finding that perfect hashtag, and when done correctly, you will get your posts on the feeds of new audiences, create better engagement, and boost your brand awareness.

Location, location, location 

If you’re a travel, retail or hospitality brand, tagging your location is especially important. 

A simple location tag will ensure that your post comes up when Instagram users are scrolling through that geo-tag. This is an excellent way to sell yourself to people who are looking for places to eat and drink in your area, allowing your posts to organically reach a new audience without much effort.

Consistency is key

If you want to keep your followers engaged and reaching for that like button, make sure you’re keeping to a posting schedule.  

Knowing when the best time to post is, and when your audience is more likely to engage with content is key to reaching your audience. 

Creative Copy

We all know that pictures say a thousand words, but don’t underestimate the importance of well-written captions to lure in those likes.

With the right tone and style, your caption can end up being just as engaging as your pictures.

 Consistently well thought out copy will also create expectations in your audience, getting to the point where they actively look out for your posts.

Whether they’re informative, witty, or both, nailing your captions will take your posts to the next level.

Try Out Stories

Advertising your latest post on Instagram stories is a great way to make it seen by your audience. 

Bright graphics, stickers, and even music can be used on the story feature to help your posts pop and encourage your audience to click on your page. 

Give The People What They Want

We know, we know, easier said than done. 

But, for consistent success (and likes!) you need to really get to know your audience.

You’ll come to find that certain posts do better than others, so keeping track of what performs well for your audience and what doesn’t is the key to nailing your posts every time.

It could be something as small as a filter, a time of day, or a caption, but tracking what performs will help you make sure you’re constantly giving your audience the type of content that they want to engage with.

Be Real!

In 2021, people want to see authentic content. 

Even on Instagram where everything is edited to perfection, you can still opt to share genuine posts. 

For businesses, posting a behind the scenes look from your brands day to day is an effective way to stand out.

 By posting this type of content you are also strengthening and developing your brand’s personality, tone of voice, and the relationship you have with your audience. 

Use An Influencer

Influencer marketing should never be underestimated. 

For more information on why influencer marketing is more relevant than ever, check out our blog post here.

Finding the right influencer for your business will put you on the feeds of an audience who are already engaging with similar content. Influencers also help to increase your credibility through a more organic and word-of-mouth style marketing. 

Sound like too much to do yourself?

We’re experts when it comes to getting those likes on Instagram, organically. 

We have a variety of tried and tested methods to help grow your feed and boost the amount of engagement each of your posts receives.

Sound like something you could use?

Send us a message, and let’s chat.

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