5 Blogging Tips That’ll Have Readers Coming Back For More

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Have you thought about using blogs for your brand?

A great way to engage with your audience, build a loyal following and teach your customers more about your products – when utilised correctly, blogs are a fantastic marketing tool. 

The key to a great blog is to both hook the reader and provide value, making sure that they’ll come back for more.

Here are our five top tips to make sure that your blog is not only well-written and engaging but that it is also popular amongst your audience.

1. Make Your Blog Easy To Read

Let’s be honest, your blog isn’t always going to be at the top of the list when it comes to things your audience wants to read.

To make sure they get to the end, make it as easy to read as possible.

Some tips to make sure it’s engaging include:

  • Short paragraphs. Huge chunks of text can be mighty overwhelming for the average reader. Breaking it up makes it a lot more enticing to read.
  • Avoid long sentences. Long sentences can be really hard to follow, keep them shorter, precise, and above all, engaging.
  • Read your copy out loud! This will help you pick up any mistakes you may have missed during the editing process. 

2. Draw Them In With A Good Headline

There was a reason why Buzzfeed was so popular. 

They nailed the clickbaity headline tactic, and there’s definitely something to learn from their success.

If you want people to read your blog, you need to entice them to even start!

Cutting through the noise of a saturated blog market online means you need to capture their attention before they even open your writing.

Think to yourself, how can I convey how much value my writing will offer with a simple header?

Make sure it tells your audience what you’ll be talking about, and don’t be afraid to get a little creative. 

3. Make Sure Your First Paragraph Leaves Them Wanting More

It’s the job of your headline to get them to open the blog, it’s the job of your introduction to make sure that they stay. 

Give your readers an insight into what the blog will be offering, entice them by telling them that your blog is the only place that they’ll find the information that they’re looking for.

Never give away too much in your introduction, remember, you want them to read the entire thing.

4. Use Subheadings

Just like you want your blog to be easy to read, you also want it to be easy to navigate.

Using subheadings to break up your text will make the blog easier to digest.

It also makes sure the reader can skim the text and still find exactly what they’re looking for. A great user experience like this will make sure that they keep coming back to read your other blogs.

5. Use Pictures

A picture is worth a thousand words, so don’t forget to include them in your writing.

Whether it’s pictures of your products, examples of what you’re talking about, or just images that fit the theme, don’t underestimate how important an eye-catching picture can be to hook in your audience.

There’s no right or wrong way to use pictures either.

Want one at the beginning to draw in the audience?

Go for it!

Think one if the middle of your text will best express your point?

Works too!

Get creative and utilise images either as a hook or as a way to break up the text – or, both.

Need help creating some blogs to include in your marketing campaign?

We can help you write some catchy content that’ll both entertain and inform your audience, engaging your customers and creating a community around your brand or products.

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