Educating Your Web2 Audience To Transition Into Web3

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Are you ready to make the leap into Web3? To stay relevant and ahead of the competition, you really need to jump headfirst into this exciting, new landscape – embracing everything it has to offer.

However, we all know it’s one thing for brands to transition, it’s an entirely different story for your engaged audience to take that leap with you.

How do you prep your audience to go from the Web2 they use daily into this new, unfamiliar territory that is, Web3?

Here are some ways you can make the most of the transition, without overwhelming (and in the process, losing!) your audience. 

But Wait, What Is The Difference?

Web2 (or, 2.0) is, essentially, the web you know and love today. 

Think social media, interaction with your favourite influencers, and the never-ending TikTok FYP. 

Web 2.0 is much more interactive than the Web 1.0 version.

It’s the landscape that truly brought the social aspect to the world wide web, making it a much more engaging, interactive and above all, human experience.

Web3 will see the internet shifting from your community being internet users to owners – a natural progression of where we are at today.

Think blockchains, NFTs, and the Metaverse – Web3 is handing the power back to users and giving content creators much more freedom, in an almost permissionless landscape.

The relationship between consumers and brands will only strengthen as we transition into Web3, taking the best of what Web2 taught us and adding even more exciting opportunities on top of it.

Okay, So What Can We Do To Prepare?

Start Early

Don’t wait around for your competitors to surpass you.

Just because you might not feel the pressure to change right now, it doesn’t mean you should hesitate and wait it out. The internet isn’t going to stop evolving, and neither should you. 

By utilising the big Web3 game-changers, such as Discord, you’ll slowly begin to introduce your audience to the new way your brand is moving forward.

Listen To Your Already Established Community

If you already have a loyal community and customer base, take a second to understand what it is that got you there.

 How do you primarily communicate with your audience now? 

Is it Twitter? 


How tech-savvy is your audience? 

Will they be across all things Metaverse? 

Or, will it be a slower transition? 

Also, start to understand their preferences and how they currently use Web2.

This will help you get an understanding of just how Web3 will work for your unique business.

Include It In Your Plans

You should already be talking about Web3 in every strategy meeting.

Understanding your goals and ambitions, clearly, will help you achieve them quicker. 

Ask yourself the tough questions.

How deep down the Metaverse rabbit hole will your company be going?

Will you utilise virtual influencers? 

Will you be creating virtual products to sell in the Metaverse? 

Test the waters and start to create synergy around how your brand views all the wild, wacky, and wonderful, things Web3 has to offer.

Once you’re clear, your audience will be able to follow suit far easier.

Ready to start putting your Web3 plan into place?

We can help!

We’re passionate about all things Metaverse, NFT and blockchain – so, if you’re ready to dip your toes into the next generation of social media, let us be your guide.

Contact us today.

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