Uber eats - influencer marketing case study

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The mission

Uber Eats is a worldwide leading food ordering and delivery app. From starting out as a ride share service, Uber expanding their brand by developing an app that allowed people to order food and have it delivered to them through their partnered Uber cars.

After completing their first year in the Australian market, Uber Eats approached CODI Agency to analyse how they could run an influencer marketing campaign. It would be the first global influencer program for Uber Eats. Their priority was to increase brand awareness through a large volume of content produced by influencers. They were aware of the challenge of marketing a platform where they operated nationally, but their products varied locally.

The process

As Uber Eats had provided CODI a clear brief on what they wanted to see as a result of the influencer program the first step was for CODI to conduct a deep dive into the Uber Eats model of service to find efficiencies in their service offering and how this could be optimised for use as part of a national influencer campaign This was an important first step because it would identify the criteria for the influencers as well as what their objectives would be.

Since Uber Eats is a national business with “hyper-localised” services, CODI decided that a high volume of influencers would be most effective. CODI initially suggested a small influencer pilot program to test our influencer engagement model. This three-month campaign yielded fantastic results and as such the program was expanded to engage 150 influencers across 7 cities in the Australian and New Zealand region, to speak about different local restaurants monthly.

With such a high volume of influencers on the campaign, Uber Eats was concerned about how CODI would logistically execute the program. Having influencers communicate uniformed, top-level messaging, that was still unique to the local areas, challenged CODI to develop a specialised influencer management process. This process included detailed style guides, a thorough reporting system for accurate measurement of the campaign and a multi-step approval process to allow Uber Eats to have involvement in the results of the campaign. Through this process, we knew that it would form the basis for the control required to effectively manage such a large campaign. As a result, Uber Eats was able to make changes incrementally to the campaign over time without fear of offsetting the impact of the campaign.

The results

This campaign resulted in impressive results. Ryan Reynolds, Global Marketing and Content Lead at Uber Eats said of the program, “the Uber Eats program has been extremely successful…it is being seen globally as the leading opportunity that we can take to other regions around the world.”

CODI managed a large contra allowance monthly which resulted in a total actual reach of over 10 million users which accounts for 40% of the total ANZ region. The combined audience following of all users was over 30 million users. With nearly double the amount of our expected reach, this contra-based campaign exceeded expectations.

The Uber Eats program is a leading example within the CODI business of our core practice and ethos regarding innovation; hard data drives creativity. This process still forms the basis for all of our influencer management campaigns and has evolved to be what it is today.