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Why Your Business Should Start A Podcast



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Podcasts are taking the world by storm.

No longer just for true crime fanatics, political debates, or reality TV recaps, the wonderful world of this audio medium has absolutely exploded, and now is the time for your business to get involved.

If you haven’t thought about putting your company in front of the mic, here are some reasons that might just convince you. 

Raise Your Brand Awareness

A well-produced podcast is a unique opportunity for a brand to communicate their personality and values to an audience of potential customers.

Killer copy on your website is one thing, but getting into the ears of your audience is another. 

While, yes, copy is an effective way to express your brand’s personality, a podcast allows you to take this to the next level. You’ll be able to convey tone, passion, knowledge, and expertise in a far more natural and organic way than text on a page. 

Finding content and topics that relate to both your brand and the needs of your audience will help bridge the gap between business and consumers, instead, creating a natural community-feel based on shared interests.

Looking at a podcast as a non-traditional way to advertise your brand will help you see the value that it can bring. 

When you look at how large consumer groups, such as Gen Z and Millennials, respond to traditional marketing, you see how important it is to think outside the box. Instead of advertising to consumers, a podcast helps you attract audiences with creativity, transparency, and authenticity. (For more on how to market to Gen Z, check out our blog post here).

Podcast Listeners Are Unique

A podcast audience is generally more engaged and responsive to what you have to share. A study from National Public Media shows that 75% of podcast listeners actually take action from commercial messages. Meaning, your podcast audience is much more likely to become consumers. There is a greater possibility of them following links, clicking on ads, or just purchasing from your brand, making a podcast an excellent return on investment. 

Become A Thought Leader

Studies have shown that people recall two times as much information when listening to audio than they do from reading text.

This presents an opportunity for your brand to stand out as a thought-leading and authoritative voice on your chosen topics. 

Podcasts allow you to go into much greater depth than an Instagram post, and the conversation style of the medium is a sure-fire way to stand out from the competition.

Build Trust And Brand Loyalty

Instead of talking at your audience, podcasts encourage you to talk with your audience. 

Whether it be a FAQ segment where people ask questions about your products, a segment where you share personal stories, or just a motivational talk to keep your listeners feeling supported and encouraged, nothing can rival how podcasts break down barriers. 

This type of content is a great way to build customer loyalty, and studies show that loyal, existing customers spend 67% more than new ones.

How To Make Sure Your Podcast Doesn’t Flop

Like most things in life, consistency is key!

For businesses, the most important thing you want to achieve from your podcast is loyal, engaged customers. To create this, you need to post regular, consistent, and most of all, good, content. 

When most people start a podcast they can suffer from the dreaded Podfade

To get the most out of your podcast for marketing purposes you need a strategy, a vision, and a way to turn your listeners into consumers.

Think podcasts could work for your business? 

Not sure where to start? 

We can help you break boundaries and create content that will stand out from the competition.

Ready to fire up the mic?

Let’s chat.

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