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Today, Facebook is more than just a social network. It’s a hotbed of remarkably influential branding opportunities, sales and engagement. But if you want to win big in terms of brand awareness and conversions, your business is going to need a winning strategy that fully considers the ins and outs of this vast advertising channel. This is where CODI stands out in the world of Facebook marketing, as our supremely talented team knows what it takes to not only plan and execute a trendsetting campaign, but also track and measure its success.

Backed by a stellar portfolio of highly profitable campaigns that prove our Facebook advertising credentials, we have a team of social media experts and the tools to take your brand to the next level. Whether you’re a local business looking to up their Facebook marketing game or an international giant ready to embark on a fresh approach to social media, our data-driven campaigns are tailored directly towards your company’s objectives. This way, we can ensure that our Facebook advertising and content creation is targeted at your ideal target market who can’t wait to engage with your products and services.

Social media marketing is in our blood and our strategies are proven to succeed. Ready to make it big on Facebook? Get in touch to learn more about how our Facebook marketing services can deliver your business a raft of new opportunities.

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“I’ve had the pleasure of working with the CODI team across multiple brand and product campaigns. They are always very proactive, transparent with communications, provide in-depth reporting and expectations every time. My number one agency!”


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Are your Facebook ads getting you leads? Is your copy compelling enough to generate interest?

Advertising on social networks is all about smart planning, understanding your target audience and consistent monitoring. This is why your business can’t take any chances on who it entrusts to lead its Facebook marketing campaigns from start to finish. By choosing to work alongside the hugely experienced team at CODI, you’re putting your hugely important Facebook advertising content in the hands of a group of expert marketers who know how to design a strategy around your company’s specific needs. No matter how niche your customer base is, we will make sure your budget is used with maximum efficiency and your advertisements reach and resonate with the perfect target audience.

So how do we make this happen? At CODI Agency, we begin every Facebook marketing campaign by taking a deep dive into your analytics to strategise the best way forward. As we truly get to know your products and what makes them special, we can design a Facebook advertising strategy that will attract and convert the kind of customers that matters most to your business. As we target our Facebook marketing campaigns based on a detailed understanding of your demographics, ranging from age and gender to location and interests, we can deliver a remarkably precise campaign that succeeds above and beyond your expectations.

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Launching a campaign that’s targeted towards your ideal customers is only half the battle when it comes to our Facebook management services. Although some agencies settle for getting a few likes and clicks, we want to make sure that our campaigns achieve the best possible results for our clients. This means we are constantly assessing the performance of our Facebook marketing strategies to find ways to make improvements and deliver even greater returns. As we can draw incredible insight from regularly reflecting on what content achieves outstanding engagement and what needs more work, we can tweak our Facebook advertising to hone in on an even more desirable target market for your business.

With CODI dedicated to providing our clients with the best service money can buy, we’re committed to delivering monthly reports and quarterly reviews that delve into the performance of our campaigns. This transparent approach means you can see in plain language just how much success our Facebook marketing campaigns are creating for your brand. As our entire team can hardly stay off social media themselves, we’re always on the lookout for the latest trends to ensure your Facebook management remains on the cutting-edge of the industry.

tailored facebook advertising strategies

There’s a whole lot more to Facebook advertising than sharing a few images of your products. Instead, the dedicated team at CODI Agency will create a Facebook marketing plan that’s carefully tailored to your business objectives and voice. Even though most businesses have already jumped on the Facebook marketing bandwagon, our bespoke strategies will ensure that your products and services leap off the feed and catch the attention of your most desired target market.

Having led hugely successful campaigns for over 400 clients based around the world, our trusted agency will diligently set out to understand your goals and align our techniques to your interests. Backed by a range of innovative Facebook marketing methods and industry-specific tools, we’ll also conduct a thorough analysis of your campaign to ensure it’s on the right track to deliver unbeatable results. We’ll also make sure your business gains an advantage over its competitors by teaming it up with the ideal Facebook influencer for your goals. Whether they’re a household name or a micro-influencer with a strongly engaged following, we know how to make sure your campaign gets people talking about your brand.

If you’re ready to embark on a Facebook advertising campaign that thinks outside the box, get in touch today to discover how our expert-driven Facebook marketing strategies will showcase your brand’s unique selling points and boost your long-term success.

facebook management FAQ

What Does Facebook Management Involve?

If you decide to use the Facebook management services offered by an agency like CODI, you’re putting your social media platform in the hands of an expert team who can take charge of its daily operation. As we put together a comprehensive plan that ranges from content creation to detailed advertising campaigns based on your customer demographics and goals, we can make sure your business stands out on the feed and attracts more customer attention and sales.

How Will Facebook Advertising Grow My Business?

The ultimate goal behind Facebook advertising is to help your brand reach its customer base and compel them to complete an action that achieves your campaign’s goals. What are those goals exactly? That will depend on what you want to achieve from your strategy. But CODI can help your business dramatically improve its brand awareness, generate more sales, grow its following or a combination of all these put together. With our expert team by your side, Facebook advertising can massively benefit your business.

How Will A Facebook Influencer Help My Brand?

Influencer marketing has existed in one way or another dating back to the 1930s, but we take a slightly more modern approach when it comes to selecting a Facebook influencer to help your business grow. Our incredibly skilled social media marketers will go to great lengths to understand what’s special about your brand before delving into our internal and external networks to identify someone with an audience who closely relates to your own. With the right person spruiking the benefits of your products and services to their audience, you’ll find that their audience will quickly become your own.

How Important is Facebook Management?

This probably won’t come as a surprise, but Facebook is the world’s largest social media platform. With 1.8 billion people logging on every single day, there’s a huge amount of potential customers just waiting to take interest in your products and services. However, you can be sure that basically all your competitors are trying to achieve more or less the same goals as your company. This means you really don’t want to leave your Facebook marketing strategy to chance. Instead, join forces with the highly qualified team at CODI and it won’t take long to see how we can help your company attract more attention than your biggest rivals.

How Much Does Facebook Advertising Cost?

If you choose to partner with CODI, our Facebook advertising packages start from $3,000 / month and increase as clients add more features to your campaign. With Facebook as a platform offering virtually untold potential when it comes to attracting and converting your target market, we know what it takes to plan and execute a highly effective campaign that only uses the services that make sense for your objectives.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with the CODI team across multiple brand and product campaigns. They are always very proactive, transparent with communications, provide in-depth reporting and expectations every time. My number one agency!”