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web2 vs web3

The evolution of Web3 has already seen a change in how brands are approaching social media.

Social media strategy in Web2 focused on brands posting content on their social channels. Sometimes the community would engage with the content and sometimes the brand would engage back. There was little to no engagement between community members following the brand on social media.

If you aren’t engaging with your brand, it’s not social media, it’s just media. Unfortunately a lot of brands are guilty of this and it’s not going to fly in Web3.

In Web3, content as we know it almost takes a backseat. The MVP content in Web3 is the conversation. Not just between brands and their community, but between members of the community themselves.

Brands have a unique opportunity to not only interact more closely with their customers, but they can become the conduit that facilitates interaction between members of their community.


web3 platform strategy

Facebook and Instagram have long been favoured as the main platforms of choice by brands. However, there have been a few factors which have resulted in Twitter and Discord being adopted as the unofficial platforms of choice for Web3.

It’s these platforms that present a unique opportunity for brands to be leaders in their space, and shepherd their audiences into Web3 spaces in an authentic and engaging way. 

Our team of digital experts can help you understand the landscape of Web3, identify areas of opportunity for you and your brand, and get you in front of the audiences you want to reach.

web3 intergration with web2 platforms

While there is a clear delineation between Web2 and Web3 platforms, some are looking to integrate. Think Facebook/Meta’s repositioning and introduction of their metaverse, Twitter allowing paying users to showcase an NFT as their profile picture, and as of May 2022, Instagram will have NFT integration rolling out in beta testing before the end of the month. 

Mark Zuckerberg announced the plans for Instagram, noting that Facebook integration will not be far behind. 

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