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“The team has really helped us stay on top of all of our social media accounts. It has been great having a team that truly cares about our needs as a business and making sure that we are fully satisfied and keeping up with the trends.”




Marketers using influencer marketing say that it positively impacts their business goals.


of Instagram users say that they have made fashion, beauty, or style-related purchases after seeing products displayed on Instagram.


of marketers say they are now dedicating a budget to influencer marketing.


Instagrammers visit business profiles everyday.


Influencer marketing is without a doubt the fastest-growing part of our digital agency. This is because it’s become one of the most successful digital marketing strategies for businesses across the entire spectrum. Don’t think that influencer marketing is only useful for fashion labels, travel brands and tech companies – in reality, it’s been used incredibly effectively by basically every kind of business you can think of. However, the amount of success that your campaign achieves is going to depend entirely on who you decide to partner with and how you position your content.

At CODI Agency, we have a completely unique understanding of the way influencers work. What makes us say that? Our director Lisa Teh has insider knowledge of this hugely powerful approach to digital marketing because she worked as a popular influencer herself. Alongside our team of social media experts, CODI knows the ins and outs of influencer marketing so strongly that we’re confident we can deliver impressive results for our clients no matter their goals.

Don’t let your brand get overtaken by lesser competition because they’ve invested in a carefully tailored influencer marketing campaign. With 72% of Instagram users saying they’ve made purchasing decisions based on products they’ve seen pop up on the platform, you’re going to miss out on a huge number of sales if you continue to ignore this wonderfully productive approach to social media marketing. As influencers are seen as trusted advisers to the modern consumer, you can cement loyalty and trust with your target demographic by partnering with the perfect ambassadors to showcase your products and boost engagement.

Whether you want to do influencer marketing on Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn or YouTube, we’ve got you covered. Get in touch with our highly experienced team to find out how we can design a winning influencer marketing strategy that’s tailored specially to achieve your business objectives.

Our dedicated team is well across all the ins and outs that will make your tailored Instagram strategy successful. Whether you’re looking to develop a comprehensive Instagram advertising campaign that skyrockets conversions or need to commission the perfect Instagram influencer to spread brand awareness, we can guide a strategy that achieves your objectives from start to finish. Our highly experienced team is already across the many pitfalls that inexperienced brands encounter when developing their Instagram marketing strategies, with our management services ensuring your business gets a massive head start on content production and advertising.


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“This influencer program has been extremely successful for us at Uber Eats. I think the biggest thing for me is that it is being seen globally as a leading opportunity that we can take to other regions around the world.”




Although choosing the right influencer for your brand might seem like a fairly straightforward decision, it’s often anything but. Nowadays in the social media space, the number of followers someone has doesn’t count for as much as it used to as the average consumer is now far more sceptical about brand mentions that appear in their feed. With authenticity and trust central to everything beneficial about modern influencer marketing, CODI can make sure you form a partnership that will resonate with your core customer base.

First, we’ll focus on making your influencer marketing campaign as relevant as possible. You have to ensure that your campaign actually makes sense to your customer base, so choosing an influencer who shares a similar brand voice and style to your own is super important. Next, engagement is naturally a major consideration when finding the right partner. We’ll find an influencer who has a following that genuinely cares about what they have to say and are keen to get involved in the discussion. It’s more important to partner with a smaller influencer who has the trust of their audience than someone bigger who people tend to scroll past.

Although every social media platform requires a slightly different strategy, these factors must always be considered whether you’re setting up an influencer marketing campaign for InstagramFacebook, TikTok or LinkedIn. With the team at CODI having designed and executed hugely successful campaigns for a wealth of leading brands, including UberEats, Adairs and Dotti, we have the expertise to tailor a powerful strategy that achieves your business objectives.

WHat is happening?

Influencer marketing is one of the world’s fastest-growing marketing methods, with the most dominant brands in the space constantly adapting to the latest trends and becoming increasingly influencer-savvy. Fortunately, CODI has the skills to ensure your brand remains on the cutting-edge of social media, as we’re constantly paying attention to the latest big thing that consumers are gravitating towards.

Around 40% of marketers say they are now dedicating a budget to influencer marketing, with a whopping 80% of those reporting that influencer marketing positively impacts their business goals. To deny or ignore this trend is to get left behind, especially if your products and services are relevant to younger customers.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that influencers are just your household name celebrities and athletes. The growth of social media platforms has introduced a whole new breed of relatable, and easily accessible, influencers. Working with these types of influencers alongside a comprehensive marketing strategy can help you reach your target audience in a way that feels much more genuine than traditional advertising.

Instead of talking to your audience directly, using influencers can open up communication channels that ensure your brand is approachable and relatable for modern customers. The key to an effective influencer marketing strategy is how you develop a working relationship based on authenticity. In the world of influencer marketing, a relationship that feels transactional misses the point entirely.

A staggering 72% of Instagram users say that they have made fashion, beauty, or style-related purchases after seeing products displayed on Instagram. By teaming up with a highly relevant influencer that has a stellar relationship with their audience, your marketing strategy will help reach more people, and therefore, more wallets.

As more brands have built successful campaigns around this marketing style, there has been a steady shift towards micro-influencers – social media figures who have between 5k and 50k followers. These smaller social media stars often don’t need payment, happily posting about your brand or product simply for contra. The good thing about these smaller influencers is that their following is usually far more engaged with their content than influencers with large followings.

Influencers not only create a new level of brand awareness, but they can also generate on-brand imagery that you can use on your own platforms. Think of them as both ambassadors and wonderfully effective content creators for your brand. If you’re ready to dive into the world of influencer marketing, make sure you’re taking the right steps. Get in touch with our talented team to ensure you’re choosing the right partner and developing a cost-effective strategy that resonates with your target market.



What Is Influencer Marketing?

Every social media platform has specific users that have become hugely popular. Influencer marketing involves teaming up with these figures to collaborate on campaigns that showcase your brand’s products and services. Whether you’re trying to capture the attention of an audience on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok or LinkedIn, initiating a powerful influencer marketing strategy ensures your business can expand its customer base and increase sales.

How Do I Find The Perfect Influencer For My Business?

Finding the perfect person to represent your brand is one of the toughest parts of organising an influencer marketing campaign. You don’t want to simply choose an influencer with the biggest following. Instead, you want to focus on how relevant their existing content and audience is to your own target market, while also considering the kind of reach and engagement they can generate through their profiles. CODI can help you identify the ideal candidate to lead your influencer marketing campaign.

What Type of Content Will Influencers Create For My Brand?

Before you decide on a social media influencer to represent your brand, you want to consider what kind of content they will produce. Although it’s a good idea to provide guidance about the kind of ideas and values that you’re trying to communicate, you also want their content to feel natural for their audience. Be sure to give direction about how your brand should be represented, but be careful about stifling their creativity if you want your campaign to have the most success.

What Is A Micro-Influencer?

While the biggest social media stars might have millions of followers, sometimes their huge audiences aren’t actually very engaged with the content they post. This reality has given rise to the concept of micro-influencers – relatable and accessible people that have between 5k and 50k followers. As audiences tend to feel a greater sense of authenticity and trust with these accounts, engagement can actually be much higher compared to celebrities. Meanwhile, organising campaigns with micro-influencers is far more cost-effective for brands.

How Much Does Influencer Marketing Cost?

Influencer marketing has become so popular amongst brands of all shapes and sizes because it’s remarkably affordable. If these campaigns are successful, they can deliver a massive new customer base that will check out your products and spread the word to their friends and family. With CODI Agency having achieved outstanding success for a range of luxury brands, our strategies are priced from $2,500 / month. Get in touch with our team to find out more.

Whether you need exceptional product photography or a savvy partnership with the perfect social media influencer, we can shape every aspect of your campaign to achieve your business objectives. Rather than leaving your campaign to amateurs, make sure your brand is seeing the most amount of benefit from its social media marketing efforts. As we’ve led campaigns across seven countries for over 400 clients, you can be sure that we have the expertise to take on even the most complex projects.

With the social media experts at CODI having led hugely successful campaigns for top-notch brands, including UberEats, Dotti and Le Tan, we can help your business stride ahead of the competition and ensure your social media presence is delivering the maximum amount of engagement and conversions. Alongside our flourishing network of key decision-makers, we can make sure your business gets noticed by the people who matter most.

Get in touch with our social media marketing agency’s talented team to learn more today.


Influencer marketing continues to deliver incredible results when planned and executed with a detailed approach that’s highly personalised for your brand. With so much potential, you don’t want to leave your strategy to guesswork. CODI has worked on some of the biggest influencer campaigns in Australia and can help your brand reach the right audience through influencer posting on multiple social media platforms. With our social media marketing agency working with many of the top creators in Sydney, Perth and beyond, we can ensure your brand has exceptional content that can be utilised across all your platforms.

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