“CODI Agency’s creative approach, support and dedication has been of monumental support to innisfree, playing a big part in achieving a successful brand launch in Australia. We’ve developed a great partnership with their very talented team and we look forward to our continued relationship across digital channels.”



At CODI, we pride ourselves on not only creating thumb-stopping content, but content that is considered and engaging. We appreciate that every brand and their audience is different, so we offer a highly personalised service that strives to showcase exactly what makes you special. With this approach, we can get more eyeballs on your business and help you outpace your competitors.

When creating your assets, our talented team of content marketing strategists take a comprehensive look at your brand, its values and the algorithm of the platform the content is intended for. Alongside social media best practices and a detailed analysis of how your competitors are performing in the space, we can develop a sharp content marketing strategy that helps your business stand out where it matters most. Backed by the range of insightful data points that we glean from this approach, we have a helpful guide to create outstanding still and moving assets for you to visually showcase your brand and put your product front and centre.

With highly successful strategies for a collection of household names under our belt, CODI’s content marketing services include lifestyle content, studio and event photography, videography, blog writing and EDM creation. Supported by our world-class content strategy agency, your brand’s products and services will be displayed in the best possible light to your ideal target market.

If you’re ready to work alongside a wonderfully experienced content marketing team that knows what it takes to attract your perfect customer base, get in touch with the superior team at CODI. With exceptional content strategies central to everything we do, we can design and execute a plan that achieves your business objectives.

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“The CODI team always go above and beyond the call of duty to deliver exceptional results. I have benefitted enormously from their strong creative skills, widespread relationships and marketing expertise. I am so grateful to have the ability to work with them.”



If you’re going to hit it big on social media, you can’t compromise on brand photography. With many of the most popular platforms based around attention-grabbing visuals, CODI’s supreme content marketing team takes the creation of eye-catching content seriously. For every photography campaign we take on, we bring a passionate and focused approach to capturing the essence of your brand. Just as no two businesses are the same – no two photoshoots should be the same either.

We use our extreme eye-for-detail mixed with our love of design to create unique content strategies that are sure to catch the eye of your audience. With so much noise being created online by both your direct competitors and other brands taking up space in your customers’ social media feeds, having vibrant photography to showcase your brand, aesthetic and style can make a major difference in terms of your engagement and sales. Fortunately, CODI has the experience to take your content to the next level.


As millions of people now have access to smartphones and rapid-fast internet, video content has become hugely important for brands looking to engage their customer base. At CODI, we specialise in cutting-edge videography campaigns that are modern, professional and designed to generate massive interest. Naturally, every content marketing strategy is going to look different depending on the nature of your products and target market. But our talented team will work alongside your brand to develop a visual feast that consumers won’t be able to resist. With more brands recognising just how important videography is to the success of their content marketing campaigns, don’t get left behind by the competition because you’ve decided to ignore it.

Whether you’re looking for short branded snippets to post as Instagram Stories or full-length YouTube videos, we’ll provide a hands-on service from start to finish. By getting to know your brand’s values and learning what makes your product special, we can fuse these ideas together to create something that will truly resonate with your customers. Supported by our rigorous research into your target market and their particular demographics, we can ensure your videos reach their intended audience. Partner with CODI and let our renowned content marketing agency deliver you the ultimate success.

take your brand message direct to your audience through podcast production

In the digital landscape today, consumers want more than just to be shown your product, they want to engage with your brand. One of the best ways to do this is take your brand to them and build a community through podcast production.

A well-produced podcast is an excellent way to bring your brand to life and showcase the personality of your business to your target audience. 

At CODI, our production experts can help you craft your story and create snackable content to disseminate across your channels – simply bring your ideas, and we’ll bring them to life. 

If you’d like to discuss further, click the button below to see how a well-produced podcast can take your brand to the next level.


EDM or Electronic Direct Mail might not seem as exciting as other forms of content marketing, but this strategy has proven to be one of the most convincing approaches businesses can use. This is because EDMs are a fantastic way to build relationships and regularly connect directly with your audience. Although email has been around for decades now, it’s not just older customers who prefer to receive marketing material via this avenue, as 73% of millennials also prefer communications from businesses through email. However, a successful EDM campaign involves much more than just sending out a single email every once in a while.

Instead, your content marketing strategy needs to take a thoughtful approach that capitalises on an email list featuring both your most loyal customers and those who have briefly come across your business in the past. As you segment your email list into increasing precise subcategories – ranging from age, gender and location to past purchases and specific interactions with your email – you can develop a campaign that generates hugely productive leads.

At CODI, we specialise in elegantly designed email campaigns that enhance your brand presence. Tailored with conversions in mind, our talented team creates emails to get you sales and push your audience where you want them to go. Whether that be special offers, limited products, or a new blog post, a wonderfully crafted EDM campaign from CODI will get your audience to complete the interactions that benefit your brand most.


Just because social media is all the rage doesn’t mean that blog writing is a thing of the past. In fact, research has found that a business with a blog has 434% more search engine-indexed pages than a website without one. In the long run, this aspect of your content marketing plan can translate to massive amounts of traffic and conversions that could change the direction of your business forever. While blog writing is one of the best ways to generate high-quality website traffic through SEO, it is also a great piece of the puzzle when it comes to communicating your brand’s values and key messages in an entertaining and engaging way.

With a carefully worded blog post detailing a subject your customers care about, their increased sense of trust in your business could help convince them to click purchase on their shopping cart. Plus, these blogs can also be shared by your most faithful customers on social media, helping to spread brand awareness to more like-minded consumers. By including blog writing in your content marketing strategy, you can rapidly grow your authority within your niche and attract passionate customers who value both your insights and products.


Don’t think that content marketing is a waste of resources – it’s the main opportunity businesses have to establish their authority and build relationships with their customers. In this day and age, many consumers want to know the values of who they purchase from. With photography, videography, blog writing and comprehensive EDM campaigns all forming elements of a cohesive content marketing strategy, you can dramatically improve SEO performance, spread essential messages and surpass your key competitors.

Photography has long been a central part of content marketing, but it’s especially important to the modern consumer. In fact, studies have discovered that 41% of online shoppers consider beautiful imagery as a characteristic of a positive experience with a brand. With photography critical to helping customers understand important product characteristics and convey your brand story, there’s no doubt that high-quality photography will take your content marketing strategy to the next level.

Whether you’re looking to boost your engagement on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok or LinkedIn, developing a sharp approach to your videography can ensure your brand stands out against millions of others. At CODI, our content marketing agency offers highly personalised videography services that ensure your productions look incredibly fresh as we use the latest trends to help your business gain more eyeballs than its rivals. From long-form content to rich snippets, we make sure your video-based content marketing is simply amazing.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is how your business can climb the results on Google for terms that are relevant to your business. With all the stats highlighting how a blog is one of the best ways to push your business towards the top results, you have the chance to significantly improve the web traffic who discovers your products and services through their Google searches. Plus, blog writing is incredible for establishing trust and authority with your customers.

EDM campaigns are so important to productive content marketing strategies because they are one of the only ways to get in contact with your customers whenever you want. By shooting a compelling email right into their inbox to let them know about your latest products or a discounted price, you can be sure that more traffic will head straight to your website. With EDM campaigns capable of being precisely targeted at different parts of your customer base, you can reach out to loyal customers with the right message at the ideal time.