How To Up Your Hashtag Game

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We all know hashtags are an essential part of social media, and finding that perfect hashtag is vital to nailing your caption. From #throwbackthursdays to #outfitoftheday, hashtags are an ingrained part of our online experience. 

A strong hashtag has value far beyond just being witty and relevant.

When used correctly, they can help with your reach and getting your message across to the right audience, whilst also boosting brand awareness.

Why Use Hashtags?

1.Increase engagement

A hashtag is a way for your audience to discover content around a specific topic, theme or conversation easily, so, make sure you hashtag your content correctly!

A well-used hashtag will put your post right in the middle of a conversation, giving you and your brand a push right into the action.

Before you go a little #OTT with the hashtags, remember, just because you can use hashtags, it doesn’t mean you necessarily should use hundreds of them! 

It is recommended that around 5 to 6 super-specific hashtags are used per post to make them most efficient. Steer clear of those generic and cheesy hashtags, they’re not going to get you noticed, and they’ve been done to death #sorrynotsorry. Instead, focus on ones specific to your content, and ones that are trending to get your content on more feeds.

2.Branded Hashtags

Get your creative juices flowing and utilise a branded hashtag to take your digital marketing campaign to the next level. When done correctly, a branded hashtag can help produce free user-generated content while building brand awareness, the perfect combination to cut through the noise online. 

Are you launching a new product? Hosting an event? Celebrating a business milestone? Using a hashtag specifically for this purpose will generate buzz and will also encourage your audience to participate. To get the most out of your branded hashtag make sure it’s consistent across all platforms, unique to your brand, and easy to remember and spell.

3.Keep An Eye On What Is Trending

Follow industry-related hashtags and keep a close eye on your competitors and relevant influencers. This will make sure you’re on the top of your game, using the hottest hashtags at the right time. 

Need help using hashtags and more to create a killer social media campaign? 

We can help you find the perfect hashtag for any occasion! Whether it be your LinkedIn post, a new product launch, or your Instagram feed – we can help you get the most out of your post. 

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