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Why You Should Outsource Your Business LinkedIn Marketing



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By now, we’re sure you’ve already heard all the benefits that LinkedIn can offer. 

We’re sure you already know the reasons why it’s the platform to be on, how LinkedIn can help take your business presence to a whole new level, and why you should have been posting regularly since, well, yesterday! 

Once you know why you should be on board, it’s time to figure out the how.  

When using LinkedIn for your business, is it better to do all the work yourself, or utilise a specialised agency to get you the results you deserve?

Here are our top reasons why using an agency is the game-changer you need to get the most out of your LinkedIn strategy and get enviable results. 

1 – They Know What They’re Doing

Why waste time trying to figure out what works for you and what doesn’t? 

Spending time trying to figure out that perfect formula for maximum reach can be time-consuming, frustrating, and utterly confusing.

Finding a good agency often means they’ve already done the groundwork for you! They know when you should post, what you should post, and how you should frame your posts for maximum results. 

Using an agency that knows the best way to help you stand out from the crowd while targeting your desired audience will save you a lot of time, struggle, and resources. Pick an agency that loves the platform, lives and breathes social media, and have tested this all for themselves and you’ll have an instant advantage over your competitors. 

2- Save Time

Time is money.

Spending too much time on your social media presence can take precious energy away from doing what you do best, running your business. 

Finding the right people to manage your LinkedIn will save your staff from working on something that they’re not experienced in, leaving them to do other things to help your business grow.

3- Make The Most Out Of Lead Generation

One of the best ways to utilise LinkedIn is by making the most of lead generation to get sales, bringing in more business, and therefore, more money. Using experts who know the ins and the outs of lead generation will help take your business page to the next level, helping you get the most out of all the platform has to offer. 

4)- Consistency Is Key

Having an agency that can make your LinkedIn presence their focus will help you maintain your posting schedule. When you’re trying to elevate to thought-leader status on the platform maintaining a regular posting schedule is the factor that will either make or break your profile. 

Missing a post because you’re too busy, you’ve forgotten, or because of oversight is something that can happen incredibly easily, especially when you’re occupied with other commitments. 

Putting a professional agency in charge of maintaining your consistency is the easiest way to foster engagement, keep followers, and help your business stand out on a popular and evolving platform.  

5)- Save Money

You might think the opposite, but utilising an outsourced agency to manage your LinkedIn can save you money in the long run.

Hiring a person in your company who handles social media marketing such as LinkedIn can be quite costly, especially when you compare it to the specialised attention you get from an agency. 

On top of the experienced agency staff you have working on your account, an agency can help your lead generation skyrocket, increasing your business and money flow.

Training an internal staff member can be quite costly, whereas utilising people who are already knowledgeable will get you the best results without the hassle of upskilling your team.

Sound good?

We would love to help you make the most out of your business LinkedIn page, get you noticed, and utilise the platform for maximum leads and connections.

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