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How To Boost Your Brand’s Engagement With Community Management

No matter what type of brand or business you’re running, creating close relationships with your customers is imperative when building a loyal and engaged following.

This often takes time and consistency, and the best way to make sure you’re setting yourself up for successful and long-lasting relationships is with community management.

Not to be confused with social media management, community management includes (but is not limited to!) replying to DM’s, reposting stories, and liking comments – everything needed to help humanise your brand on social media. 

A great community management strategy is based on building an online community that encourages your customers to engage with your brand, becoming loyal to it. Depending on what type of business the strategy is for, community management could help you connect with customers, partners, or developers.

Community management is the perfect mixture of both marketing and customer service. You’re actively engaging with your customers, but you’re remaining on brand and consistent with how you go about it. 

There are multiple reasons why your business can benefit from an engaging community management strategy. Whether it’s simply replying to all comments on your posts, reposting stories of your products that your customers have shared, or replying to DM’s, each interaction is important to relationship building.

Another fantastic benefit of staying connected with your customers through community management is that you receive ongoing feedback, and you’re able to respond with personalised customer service. 

It can also help with brand awareness, if you’re consistently positively interacting with customers on social media people will start to take notice. This can help get you in front of potential new customers, expanding your reach, and growing your brand. 

Want to amp up your community management game?

Here are some tips that can help you boost your brands engagement.

  • Respond to every comment. Yep, every one! We know that depending on the size of your brand this might not be feasible. However, if you’re trying to build a community, responding to your comments can help your followers feel heard. This also humanises a brand, and you’re no longer just a logo, you’re a human behind the page both interacting and also acknowledging interactions.
  • Maintain a strong tone of voice that is consistent with your branding. Yes, you want to humanise your brand, but make sure the style of writing, voice, and even emojis used, are consistent with the rest of your content across all channels.
  • Consider using video or voice replies to DM’s! Imagine you send a brand a query and they reply with a voice message, that would make you feel quite special, right? Voice messages don’t actually take very long and they’re a very human way to answer any questions that your customers may have. Text is great, but sending a quick audio clip can take your engagement to a whole new level.

Want a hand dealing with your community management?

We can help! 

We can help you come up with a strategy that’ll keep your customers engaged all while building you a loyal community.

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