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5 Social Media Platforms Your Business Needs to be On



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By now, you know that social media is a must for brand awareness and engagement. 

Yes, we all know that utilising social media correctly is an invaluable way to engage with your audience. However, how do you know what platforms you should focus on when establishing brand awareness and building a community of loyal and engaged customers? 

We’ve broken down which platforms won’t be going anywhere anytime soon, so you can make the most out of your marketing spend, and put your content where it’ll be noticed. 

1)- Facebook

Despite what the tweens might tell you, Facebook is still relevant.

Still with the largest amount of users out of any platform, Facebook can turn your casual customer base into a solid community. While the demographic of Facebook users lean towards older ages (users over the age of 65 are the fastest-growing group on the platform), there are still 2.5 billion monthly active users.  This makes Facebook your best bet for broad appeal.

 74% of Facebook users are high-income users, so utilising Facebook for targeted advertising is an incredibly useful tool. There are also numerous brands who have used the group feature to create an organic community environment based on their products, building a genuine connection with their audience. 

Essentially, if you have a business, you need a Facebook page. Period. 

2)- Instagram

Instagram is the platform of choice for Millenials. 

Continuously evolving,  there are always new features being added on Instagram giving you fresh and innovative ways to engage with your audience. 

From stories, to live video streams, to influencer marketing – Instagram really does have it all. 

Instagram is also the platform of choice for quick decision purchases.  72% of Instagram users say that they have made fashion, beauty, or style-related purchases after seeing a product displayed on the app. 

With 200 million users visiting business pages every single day, it would be silly to not be in amongst the action. 

3)- LinkedIn

LinkedIn really is the app of choice for professionals.

Having a representative from your company active on LinkedIn is a great way to get sales, build relationships, and establish your brand as a thought-leading company. 

The stats surrounding LinkedIn speak for themselves.

With 65 million business professionals stating LinkedIn is their platform of choice, its power shouldn’t be overlooked. 

45% of LinkedIn users are in upper management, making it a great platform for you to build a network and get your brand known in the professional community. It is also a fantastic way to humanise your business, allowing people to put a face to the brand, giving your company that trustworthy human element. 

4)- TikTok

The new kid on the block, but definitely not one to underestimate as just a ‘silly video app’. 

TikTok is growing at an incredible rate, and when done correctly, there are opportunities for your brand to engage with an entirely new audience. 

On average, TikTok users spend 52 minutes per day on the app (the endless scroll is real!) with 60% of the users hailing from Generation Z. 

The key to being a brand on TikTok is to avoid traditional advertising like the plague. 

Rather, opt to create engaging content that won’t come across overly advertorial. Branded hashtag challenges have been mighty successful for brands such as MAC cosmetics and Chipotle, and using TikTok ‘creators’ is another avenue that is seeing amazing results.

In short, TikTok is so much more than a meme generating machine, and the time to get on the platform is now. 

5) -Twitter

Think you can get your brand’s message across in 280 characters or less? 

This short-form content sharing app has plenty of untapped potential to create genuine connections with your customers. Tagging encourages connection and engagement, while the quick and snappy format makes it the perfect platform to really iron out your brand’s unique voice. 

The most exciting thing about Twitter is that anyone can go viral! All it takes is one perfectly formed, witty, relevant tweet to boost you to tweet fame. 

Do you need help managing your social media?

Our wide range of social marketing services can help you put your best foot forward on any (or all!) of these platforms.

We love creating unique, special, and groundbreaking content – and would love to make some magic together.

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