Why You Should Be Using EDMs

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We know what you might be thinking, why spend time sending out emails when most people are spending all their time on social media. Won’t my emails get lost in the spam folder? Isn’t email marketing so 2013? 


Email marketing is still an incredibly relevant tool for your marketing campaigns, and not something that should be overlooked or dismissed. 

 A well-designed email is a fantastic way to build relationships and connect directly with your audience regularly. If you’re not utilising emails then you could be missing out on a fantastic opportunity to connect directly with your clients!

Why You Should Be Using EDMs

You Can Actually Measure Their Reach

It’s important to measure all aspects of any marketing campaigns, understanding what performs well, and what doesn’t. Email marketing allows you to track your results almost instantly, and most email marketing programs provide detailed analytics, so you can see exactly how many people engaged with your email.

The measurable metrics include details like:

  • How many people actually opened your email
  • If they clicked on any links
  • How many times they opened the message 
  • If you lost any subscribers

 Having all these stats so easy to see and measure really helps you figure out what is working for your brand, what isn’t, and how you can pinpoint exactly what your audience wants.

They Help You Engage With Your Audience

Generally speaking, the consumers who are subscribed to your email list want to hear from you! 

They’re already pretty engaged with your brand and products and are keen to see what you’re up to, what new products are being released, or just what you have to say. 

You can really build on this relationship by communicating regularly all while strengthening your brand and position in the market. 

EDMs will help you prove your loyalty to those who are following your brand by offering sneak peeks, discounts, exclusive offers and personalised messaging. 

They Strengthen Your Marketing Campaigns

An effective EDM will reflect your business branding and highlight the essence of your company. Email marketing gives you the ability to be creative and take your audience where you want them to go! 

You can usher them to your latest blog post, take them to your Instagram, or just straight to the exclusive offers. It helps you to hone in on your target audience and keep them engaged with content that they want to see. You can also link your email campaigns with campaigns you have running across other platforms such as social media or in-store promotions getting your marketing message across to the greatest number of people possible!

They’re eco-friendly

 It’s 2020 if you’re not thinking about the environment you’re already behind.

Obviously, EDMs are more sustainable than brochures or flyers and they reach a more targeted audience. You also get more bang for your buck, with EDMs being a cheaper way to target your audience than traditional advertising such as radio or TV.  

Do you want help to introduce EDMs into your marketing campaign? We would love to help you design an eye-catching campaign that really amplifies your branding and message. 

Get in contact today and let’s build something special!

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