What Is TikTok And How You Can Use It In Your Marketing Campaign

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of TikTok. One of the fastest-growing apps in the world, the platform contains the untapped potential for game-changing marketing strategies. Way more than just viral dance moves and cat videos, TikTok is a dynamic and engaging app that has absolutely no sign of slowing down.

Okay, I’m Feeling A Little Out Of Touch…What Is TikTok?

Not to be confused with that absolute bop by Ke$ha, TikTok is essentially a video sharing app. Unlike Youtube, TikTok has nailed the short video formula.

The premise of the platform is to create short, sharp, and witty videos for your audience. It’s quick, it’s addictive, it’s creative, and most importantly, it’s growing like crazy.

Really, How Big Is This App Though?

Even if you’re not overly across TikTok, the stats will have you listening. 

According to Business Of Apps, last year alone TikTok was downloaded 738 million times. It is also estimated that the average TikTok user spends roughly 52 minutes daily on the app (we told you, it’s mighty addictive!). 

To break it down, 60% of users are Gen Z, and 90% of total users will engage with the app every single day. 

The staggering stats don’t stop there. Currently, there are 800 million active users monthly (and this is only set to grow!), with 83% of these users having already posted a video. This means TikTok users are actively creating and engaging with the platform, they’re not just a passive audience, they want to be involved.

Alright, You’ve Convinced Me, But How Can Brands Use TikTok?

We’re so glad you asked!

Let’s break it down.

There are a few ways that your brand can utilise the app to reach this growing audience, create brand awareness, and really shake up your social media marketing strategy. 

Firstly, there are branded hashtag challenges.

If you need an example of how effective this technique is, just have a look at how MAC Cosmetics implemented one of the most successful advertising campaigns ever on TikTok by nailing their hashtag game

The #YouOwnIt challenge, started by MAC, has been viewed nearly 2.3 billion times on the platform. With the main goal to get Gen Z interested in MAC Cosmetics, a hashtag was born encouraging users to create content where they showcase their own makeup transformations. 

This all felt very organic. 

Users all around the world had fun with the challenge and an unprecedented awareness was brought to a brand that wanted to boost its popularity with a new generation. It wasn’t preachy, it didn’t feel forced, it encouraged interaction, and it really set the standards of what can be achieved in the uncharted territory of TikTok advertising. 

For branded hashtag challenges to gain traction, companies should utilise well-known creators on the platform who then create a domino effect. Next thing you know your hashtag is taking TikTok by storm, and taking your brand along for the ride. 

Paid advertisements are the second successful option. However, when you’re entering an area mainly inhabited by tech-savvy Gen Z’s, you need to be smart. 

Pre-roll ads are videos that pop up when users open the app, and in-feed ads are the videos that appear while people are scrolling through their TikTok feed. For either of these to work you need to be smart with the type of videos you produce, utilising trends, creators, and the format to draw in an audience and talk to them, not at them. 

Do’s and Don’t’s

Ready to take a leap and start posting? There are some things to note before you begin channeling your creator side and getting your brand involved. Leave your inner boomer behind and take these do’s and don’t’s into consideration.

Do: Engage with your audience.

Take Chipotle for example. They nailed this whole engagement thing by starting the #ChipotleLidFlip challenge, encouraging users to upload videos of themselves flipping the lip of their burrito bowls back onto its container. Inspiring people to buy their products to take part in an incredibly simple and easy challenge? Genius.

Don’t: Force Traditional Advertising on them.

Audiences using platforms such as TikTok are becoming immune to traditional advertising. Be honest with yourself, when was the last time a simple ad banner on an app really stuck with you? There is such a big opportunity to go viral and make your mark, but traditional advertising isn’t what will get you there.

Do: Research The Creators You Want To Work With.

Choosing the right creators to collaborate with will put you in front of an audience who is receptive to what you’re saying. You need to be aware of your target audience and the type of content that they’re consuming. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking a creator with the largest following will be the most impactful!

Don’t: Give Them A Script.

You’re using creators for a reason – to be creative! 

Don’t feed them a script and expect the content to be engaging. Give your creators free rein and allow the posts to be natural, organic, and engaging.

Do: Have Your Finger On The Pulse With Trends.

Keep your eye on what’s trending, what’s doing well, and what is gaining traction. Like most social media, you need to be quick and fast if you want to jump onboard a trend.

Don’t: Delay!

Gen Z notoriously has a short attention span. That meme your coworker sent you yesterday is already historic to the average Gen Z user. If you see a trend that will work for your brand, jump on it, don’t hesitate, and hey, maybe you’ll be the next brand to break a billion views. 

What to find out more about how your business can be using TikTok? Shoot us a message or email at [email protected] or give us a call on (03) 9078 6638.

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