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When safety measures against COVID-19 begun to be put in place, we knew we were going to have to get a little creative with our marketing strategies.

It was time to think outside the box, put our thinking caps on, and see how we could help small businesses as much as possible during these crazy times.

While everyone was stuck at home we saw this as the perfect opportunity to try something new. Enter, CODI Care Packages.

Packed with some amazing products from small businesses, we filled our care packages and sent them off to some of Australias biggest influencers. A social media campaign truly sympathetic to the current climate, that also helped small businesses get their products seen on popular Instagram feeds – win-win!


Staying at home. We all know how to do this pretty well by now, but a little extra comfort makes the whole process a lot easier.

It was this concept that inspired us to give small businesses the chance to amplify their brand, get some quality social media shout outs, and have their products admired and talked about in the process.

We combined our joint experience of self-isolating at home and teamed up with some of the best small businesses in the country, creating a kit that would blow our influencers minds!

We reached out to some of the hottest Aussie influencers who we believed could use a morale boost while being stuck at home. We carefully crafted a box filled with some creature comforts and shipped them right to their doors.

The pretty packaging was complete with fancy balloons, and inside the box laid everything you could possibly need to isolate in style. From bottles of wine to icecream, to gourmet marshmallows, to personalised accessories, and that’s not even the half of it! The absolute best of small Aussie businesses was successfully put on display on the sleek feeds of our influencers. Using stories, hashtags and posts, each brand got a mention to the thousands of followers that these popular influencers have access to.

It hasn’t been an easy time for most businesses, so utilising the power of influencer marketing to get their messages across seemed like a no-brainer! It is a relatively cheap way for brands to target a massive audience, create new and fresh content, all while staying compassionate throughout this global pandemic. There was no hard sell, there was no pushing, just a simple way to amplify awareness and show support.

If you want to use influencers to amplify your brand messaging, or if you want us to come up with a fun and unique campaign that would work for your business, get in touch! We love making magic happen, and we would love to create something special just for you.

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