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Move Over Clubhouse…Greenroom Is Here



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Just as you’ve finally scored an invite to Clubhouse, it’s time to wrap your head around an entirely new audio-based platform, and this time, it’s being launched by guys who are already pro’s in the audio space.

Greenroom is the latest audio-based app to take up storage on your phone, but we’re pretty excited about the promise of this hot new platform. 

What Is Greenroom?

Launched by audio-streaming juggernauts, Spotify, Greenroom follows a very similar layout to Clubhouse, allowing users to join rooms, listen to discussions, and have conversations based on different interests.

The app started as a sports-lovers haven called Locker Room, but when Spotify acquired it in March they rebuilt it into the new and improved ‘Greenroom’.

Couldn’t care less about NBA scores or winning World Cup teams? 

Never fear! 

Greenroom has been transformed into much more than sports chat, with users encouraged to join rooms based on a range of interests from anime, to true crime, to reality TV.

How Do I Get Started?

Though it’s run by Spotify, you’ll need to download the separate Greenroom app – with both Apple and iOs versions currently available.

You can sign up with your Spotify login (though, it’s not required if you’re more of the Apple music type..). 

Once you’ve registered you’ll need to fill in your details, upload a profile picture, and then the app will ask you to select your interests from a range of options. This will help you find rooms to join, where similar rules as Clubhouse apply. 

You can join and just listen, raise your hand to chat, and leave quietly whenever you please.

We’re loving the fact that links in your bio are clickable.

As of right now, you can add links to your Twitter and Youtube pages, but we’re sure more platforms will be added in the following months. This is perfect for building an audience, creating your personal brand, and promoting yourself across multiple channels. 

One big difference that we’ve noticed is that Greenroom has a chat function, where you can type your thoughts, express yourself with a gif, or just add to the discussion without having to talk.

This chat feature is seen by everyone in the room and adds a side discussion away from the speaking, almost like the comment section on Facebook or Instagram live.

Another difference is that in Greenroom you can award hosts Gems if you’re enjoying their discussion. 

As of right now, Gems don’t mean a whole lot, but with plans to add creator funds and monetising, we’ll be sure to watch this space.

One more big factor that separates Clubhouse from Greenroom is the fact that Greenroom moderators can request the audio files to be saved and sent to them after the discussion wraps to be used as a podcast. 

This is a big difference from the ‘what happens on Clubhouse stays on Clubhouse’ mentality. 

It’s important to note that Spotify also records all sessions for moderation purposes, an issue Clubhouse struggled with in its earlier days.

Is It Worth It?

With it being very very early days, it’s hard to tell exactly where Greenroom will go.

There are definitely some promising features, and the fact that Spotify is already utilised by huge artists and well-known podcasters means there’s a lot of room for positive growth.

The platform has stated that they want to introduce the same level of personalisation that Spotify is known for into Greenroom. 

With plans to send notifications to their users if their favourite podcaster is live, if there’s a room that they might be interested in, or if an artist they love has something planned with the app. 

Spotify has been killing it with their personalisation lately, and with features such as End Of Year Wrapped and Stats For Spotify, it’s evident they know how to engage their audiences while making the experience personal.

With more features to be unveiled in the coming months, we’re excited to see where Spotify’s knack for engagement can take this innovative audio-based platform.

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