5 Fundamental Features of an Effective Social Media Marketing Agency

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Deciding to take the plunge into the world of social media marketing can be quite overwhelming. 

When trying to find a social media agency, you’re often bombarded with trendy buzzwords and the allure of big, unrealistic promises.

 But, how do you really know that you’re getting the most bang for your buck?

Here are some things to look for when shopping around to make sure you’re picking a prince, not a frog.

They Take The Time To Get To Know You

Just like a good first date, a great initial meeting with your social media services should be a ‘get to know you’ session.  

An agency that puts in the time and effort to get to know you and your brand is the one that will spend time getting you the results you want in the long run.

Your brand is unique, so your social media campaign should be too! 

It’s not a one size fits all approach and social media agencies that know what they’re doing will acknowledge this. 

Look for the ones who ask the right questions, get to know your values, and offer solutions that will work exclusively for you and your audience.  

An agency that only boasts about what they can do without asking you about your expectations? 

Red flag, swipe left.

They’re All Over The Latest Trends

Social media is constantly changing and evolving, leaving the less passionate behind. 

A great agency will be all over the platforms they’re selling. 

Look for agencies that have a strong presence on popular social media sites.

The ones who put in the time and the effort to figure out how these apps work will be guns when it comes to the latest trends and how to utilise them for clients. 

Sites like LinkedIn, Instagram, and TikTok are always switching up the algorithms, so the best agencies are the ones who experiment and play around themselves to figure out what’s what.

They Communicate Well

Communication is the key to any great relationship, and the one with your social media managers is no different.

 Being kept in the loop, having the ability to voice concerns regularly, and receiving key stats on time are all part of a match made in heaven.

Look for agencies that advocate for regular check-ins, have an open feedback policy, and give you reports that clearly state how effective their campaigns have been for your brand. 

They’re Flexible

There’s no brand too weird, wacky, or wonderful for a good social media agency.

They understand your uniqueness and will tailor a campaign to get your products and brand seen by the right people. They stay flexible and use both creativity and expertise to create something magical just for you. 

Social media is always changing and agencies that stay fixed in their ways are the ones who get left behind. 

What was a tried and tested method 6 months ago might be ancient history today, look for an agency that isn’t afraid to shake it up a little. 

They Love What They Do

This one is pretty simple, but it’s often overlooked.

Make sure they love what they do!

TikTok dances, Instagram lives, and LinkedIn polls might not be the reason you out of bed every morning, but it should be theirs. People who live and breathe social media are the ones who will get you the best results. 

They’re willing to push boundaries, try new things, and break the internet – all for you!

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