The Evolution of LinkedIn Marketing: From a Jobs Portal to Social Networking Site

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LinkedIn has come a long way over the past few years, evolving from the app only your boss used, to a platform that connects and engages people from different industries around the world.

Previously, LinkedIn was known as a job portal, where potential employers and employees would find each other. But now, LinkedIn is the place to be for all professionals, no matter what stage of their career. 

How LinkedIn Has Evolved

Seen as a strictly professional platform, LinkedIn used to be a hub for recent graduates trying to get their big break into their industry of choice. 

With most users adhering to strict rules over what content they posted, the platform lacked the personality that Facebook and Instagram provided. This is where the reputation of LinkedIn being a digital CV came from, and in the early days, users stuck to that status quo.

Once people started to realise the potential of the platform, big shifts started to take place, and very quickly LinkedIn became the dynamic, interactive, and engaging platform we see today.

Where once upon a time talking about your personal life was a big no-no, nowadays, we see some of the biggest titans of industry sharing vulnerability and being honest with their followers, breaking down that barrier between a working persona and personal brand. 

What Do The Numbers Say?

The stats around this shift don’t lie, and the way LinkedIn has adapted and grown over the years is represented in the staggering numbers.

  • 2020 was a massive year for the platform, when businesses and employees alike had to adapt to the changing global situation, using LinkedIn to network became a part of the process. In fact, we saw an increase of 55% when it came to conversations between connections. Meaning people aren’t just connecting for the sake of it, people are actually engaging and growing relationships with the people they see on the app.
  • People aren’t just lurking around anymore, people are actively getting involved! Maybe in part due to COVID boredom, but content creation on LinkedIn increased by a staggering 60% last year. This just goes to show that users are creating content to share with their network, meaning there are plenty of ways to gain value from the platform.
  • Live streaming is really taking off, with the number of streams in 2020 increasing by 437%! While we all know 2020 changed the way we work, it’s safe to say that these habits we picked up will continue for years to come. We’re predicting that live streaming will remain a big fixture on LinkedIn. Helping close the global gap and connecting people around the world, live streaming is a great way for professionals to share insights, tips, and promote either themselves or their business.
  • Video is still king. LinkedIn released interesting stats that say users are 20 X more likely to re-share video posts than text. We’re seeing a big influx of thought leaders sharing videos as a way to stand out, and it seems to be doing the trick! 

How Do I Get Involved?

Ready to take the leap into the wonderful world of LinkedIn? 

Just as TikTok is to dance routines, LinkedIn management is a necessity for professionals who want to keep their finger on the pulse in their chosen industry.

The most important thing when utilising LinkedIn to its fullest potential is simply, getting started. Even the most followed thought leaders had to start somewhere and to grow your network and connections you need to do the same.

For more information on how to get started on LinkedIn, you can check our blog post here, here, and here. 

Need a hand?

We’re massive LinkedIn fans here at CODI, and we love combining our passion for the platform with your unique industry insights. 

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