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Why You Should Be Blogging



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Have you considered using blogs to amplify your brand awareness?

Blogs are more than just walls of text, or fluff pieces that don’t bring any value.

 A well-written, consistent, and updated blog can bring plenty of benefits to your brand.

 From increased traffic, to open communication, to a whole community of engaged followers, blogging could be the missing piece of your marketing campaign that you’ve been looking for. 

Here are some reasons why you should be thinking about adding blogs to your strategy.

1) They Open Up The Communication Channels

A good blog is a great way to open up communication channels with your customer base. Instead of just talking to your audience, having a blog is a way to talk with them! 

You can use your blog to answer frequently asked questions, go into detail about certain topics that are of interest to your audience, and create a strong tone of voice for your brand. 

It will also give you the opportunity to go into greater detail about your products, why they work, and how your customers can use them for their benefit. This creates a two-way communication channel, and when done right, transforms your customers into a loyal community. 

2) Bring In More Traffic To Your Website

With the use of SEO (search engine optimisation), an up to date blog can help propel your site to the top search page of Google. 

Something that takes time, patience, and consistency, a blog that is regularly updated is an organic way to help people discover your brand. 

It’s one thing to bring potential customers to your site with carefully planned keyword research, but it’s another to keep them engaged. 

Make sure you’re utilising an engaging tone of voice and adding value with each post, this will not only bring them to your site but also keep them there.

3) Improve Internal Linking

The internal linking on your site is completely in your control, and this means you can gently nudge your customers to where you want them to go.

 Use your blog to direct potential buyers to your hottest new products, a flash sale, or just to a page where they can find out more about what your brand stands for. 

Having blogs to link to each other within your site also improves your SEO ranking, and will help drive traffic and potential buyers to your site. 

In short, the more blogs, the better!

4)- You’re Creating Content To Be Shared

Your blogs can be shared on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn, helping you get discovered by a whole new audience with every post.

A well-written and shareable post can reach a new audience, and potentially new customers.

Blog content also makes for engaging social media output, strengthing your online presence, your tone of voice, and your brand awareness.

Want to get started on some killer content?

 Let us help you figure out your tone of voice through entertaining and informative blog posts that’ll keep your audience invested in what you have to say! 

Whether it’s providing more information about your products, giving your audience extra value, or just as a way to bring more awareness to your brand, send us a message and let’s create some magic together.

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