The Power Of Influencers And How To Market Through Them

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Influencers come in all shapes and sizes, and the success of your campaign lies in finding that perfect match for you and your brand. 

Here are some tips and tricks to make sure you’re unlocking the power of influencers correctly. 

Find Your Fit

Influencers are not one size fits all. 

To get the most out of your strategy and build authentic relationships with your audience, you need to find influencers who reflect the essence of your brand.

Gen Z and millennials are both tech and advertising savvy, meaning absolutely nothing gets past them. 

Choosing influencers whose values align with your brand is a non-negotiable if you want to remain authentic and genuine in the eyes of your younger audiences.

 In 20201 especially, audiences are incredibly socially conscious, so these choices really do matter. Whether it’s focusing on diversity, strong social values, or influencers who genuinely care about your products – authenticity is impossible to fake.  

Micro Over Macro

A massive trend that is taking off this year is the use of micro-influencers as opposed to macro-influencers.

Micro-influencers have a much smaller following than their macro counterparts, however, they tend to have a greater reach – making them perfect for brands utilising their power.

Another great thing about these micro-influencers is that they are more likely to have a niche audience, with a following that is actively engaged with their content. 

This means that even if their audience is slightly smaller, they are engaged with the content and already have a genuine relationship with the influencer. This provides a fantastic opportunity for you to piggyback off this established relationship, communicating with an audience who already trusts and respects the source of the information.

Depending on your objectives, you’ll need to choose which platform to focus on to reach your goals and unlock your potential. 

Whether it’s Instagram or TikTok, you’ll need to ensure that your content remains as authentic as possible, especially when targeting the traditional advertising immune Gen Z and millennials. 

Consider On-Going Relationships 

One-off relationships with influencers used to be the popular choice.

Now, brands are starting to think more long-term, teaming up with influencers on a more regular basis to create ongoing projects.

The biggest reason for this shift boils down to one simple fact – it takes time to make a sale.

Even influencers with the most engaged audiences are going to need more than one sponsored post to make big contributions to a brand’s sales. 

By spending more time creating an ongoing relationship, your campaign feels far more authentic and genuine, giving the audience time to foster a real relationship through an influencer. 

Finding that perfect influencer that works for your brand isn’t always easy – which is where we come in.

We consider ourselves excellent matchmakers.

Not only can we find you influencers who seamlessly fit in with your brand’s values, but we can also help you plan out the perfect strategy to get you in front of the most people. 


So are we!

Let’s chat. 

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