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  • The Influencer will be provided a range, outlining their rate, for specific deliverables. This range will be agreed upon between CODI Agency and the Influencer in the onboarding process.
  • CODI Agency does not manage contra collaborations. Contra collaborations will be negotiated for payment. In the event that payment cannot be provided by the brand, the opportunity will be passed on to the influencer to manage themselves. 
  • Posting timelines must be agreed upon between CODI Agency and the Influencer prior to the confirmation of a campaign. 
  • The Influencer’s rate must be agreed upon between CODI Agency and the Influencer prior to the confirmation of a campaign. 
  • Rates will be calculated and/or estimated internally and determined prior to the Influencer’s onboarding. The Influencer will be given the opportunity to approve their rates. This will be a range, not an exact figure. 
  • If the company engaging the Influencer does not pay the fee, CODI Agency is not responsible for reimbursing the Influencer.
  • The Influencer will attend their onboarding meeting with CODI Agency, where terms and conditions, fees, expectations, and deliverables and preferences will be discussed.
  • Should the influencer wish for CODI to manage their contra collaboration, an additional fee will apply. This will be discussed and agreed upon by both parties prior to the commencement of the campaign. 
  • The Influencer must provide CODI Agency with a response to accept or decline a campaign within 3 business days. Should the Influencer not respond within this timeframe, CODI Agency will decline the campaign on the Influencer’s behalf. 
  • When CODI Agency has begun communicating with a company on the Influencer’s behalf, the Influencer will not manage the campaign themselves without the prior agreement between CODI Agency and the Influencer.
  • The Influencer is to notify their CODI Agency Manager 1 week prior to any leave/holidays/unavailability. 
  • The product must be sent back to the sender within 1 week of a campaign cancellation or termination. The Influencer will cover all costs. 
  • The Influencer is to add the CODI Agency management email to the bio and/or contact button on their social media accounts.
  • Should the Influencer’s contact or postal details change, CODI Agency must be notified immediately. In the event, CODI Agency is not notified and the product is sent to the incorrect address, the Influencer will wear the costs incurred in resending the product.
  • The Influencer is not to engage a competitor talent agency for Influencer Collaborations while engaging CODI Agency. 
  • CODI Agency must be given 30 days’ notice, should the Influencer wish to discontinue their partnership with CODI Agency.
  • If the brand does not fulfill the payment to CODI, we are not liable to fulfill that payment to the Influencer 
  • The Influencer will only be paid once the work is completed and insights are provided.
  • The Influencer must keep content live for at least 3 months on their feed.
  • The minimum term for the partnership between CODI Agency and the Influencer is 3 consecutive months.
  • CODI Agency charges an Agency Service Fee (ASF) on top of the Influencer’s fee. This cost is absorbed by the business that is engaging the Influencer through CODI Agency, not the Influencer. This fee is subject to change and is at the discretion of CODI Agency. CODI Agency is not required to share this fee or change with the Influencer.
  • An additional Talent Management Fee (TMF) will be deducted from your rate and will vary depending on the Influencer campaign rate. This fee will be agreed upon between CODI Agency and the Influencer prior to the commencement of our partnership.
  • CODI Agency will monitor the growth of the Influencer using metrics including but not limited to followers, reach, engagement, and video views. Upon periodic assessment, CODI Agency may increase the Influencer’s rate, Agency Service Fee, and/or Talent Management Fee. Upon an increase, the Influencer will be notified.
  • An admin fee may apply in the event that a campaign is canceled or delivered late without 1-week prior notice to CODI Agency. This fee will be 50% of the Agency Service Fee, otherwise described as half of the Agency Service Fee.