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What Is Social Commerce?



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Have you heard of social commerce?

In 2021, utilising social commerce is the best way to make sure you’re turning clicks into conversions, making sure your products are noticed by the demographic most likely to follow through with a purchase.

What Exactly Is Social Commerce?

Currently, social commerce is an $89.4 billion market, and over the next seven years, experts expect this figure to grow to $604.5 billion. Staggering numbers when you look at how quickly the market is expanding and growing in such a short period.

Essentially, social commerce is the process of selling products on social media. 

With social commerce, the entire process of shopping, reading reviews, and ordering products take place on a social media platform. 

This purchasing style is available on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, with TikTok tipped by the experts to be the next app to follow suit.

Social commerce is not the same as e-commerce. 

The point of social commerce is to allow consumers the ease and comfort of purchasing from their social media apps, keeping everything contained to one platform. 

It’s also a different concept from social selling, which is where businesses create relationships with their potential customers through their social media presence. 

Social commerce is the one-stop digital media stop for consumers to purchase, engage, and read reviews in real-time.             

Why Social Commerce Is Important

1- It makes it easy

Social commerce removes any unnecessary steps, making the shopping process as easy as possible for the consumer. 

It also gives the process a real social aspect, creating a space where consumers can shop, chat, give feedback, and interact with each other in real-time. 

This is an entirely different and new experience from e-commerce and is a much easier way to use social media to bridge the gap between advertising and online stores. 

2- It Helps Consumers Make Decisions

Social commerce can help push consumers to make decisions, quickly. For example, you could use influencers to promote products and then link your audience to buy that same product right here and now. It removes the steps and encourages your audience to buy quickly all while they’re scrolling their favourite social media account.

3 – It Increases Loyalty To Your Brand

Using social commerce will help to increase the loyalty that consumers have to your brand. 

Social media makes a relationship between your brand and your consumers far closer than an e-commerce store ever could, and by being strategic you can create a customer experience that’ll breed loyalty.

3- It’ll help with repeat purchases

Social commerce isn’t just about selling, it’s about building and maintaining relationships.

 By using social media to sell products you can quickly inform your customers of special promotions, discounts, loyalty programs or new products – keeping your audience both engaged and more likely to buy again. 

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