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The 17 Most Misunderstood Facts About Digital Marketing Melbourne

The 17 Most Misunderstood Facts About Digital Marketing Melbourne

Let’s face facts about digital marketing in Melbourne; the knowledge and efficacy may be gaining popularity by the day, but a lot of business still don’t have it all figured out yet. More importantly (and alarming if we might add), they have some parts of it figured out wrongly.

Before we go on to let you in on some misunderstood facts let’s define digital marketing first:

Simply put, digital marketing is a marketing effort that is focused on leveraging various digital channels which may include a website, search engines, social media, and email to connect with potential and existing customers.

Now, let’s take a look at some misconceptions you may have about digital marketing, shall we?

1. Digital marketing is not for small businesses:

 As long as you don’t intend to remain ‘small’, then digital marketing is not just an option for your growing business, but it is your BEST.

2. Digital marketing is not for big and established brands:

 This is one of the most laughable misconceptions we’ve seen! If top global brands like Apple, Amazon, CocaCola, and even Google utilize digital marketing, then which brand, no matter how big shouldn’t? Up your digital marketing in Melbourne!

3. SEO is not necessary: 

The importance of SEO in the overall success of digital marketing cannot be overemphasized. Website traffic, visibility, lead generation and conversation are parts of digital marketing tied to SEO.

4. My business must be on ALL social media platforms:

 Contrary to popular belief, no it doesn’t. Your target audience, product/service offering should determine the specific social media platform you should channel your resources into.  

5. Offline marketing is no longer important, digital marketing is all I need: 

Relying on digital marketing is good, but consolidating your offline and online marketing strategy is even better.

6. Digital marketing is a game of numbers:

 The number of social media followers or website visitors is not always an accurate measure of the success of a digital marketing campaign. It’s important to understand what the numbers truly mean. Numbers speak through analytics, don’t ignore them.

7. My company doesn’t have to outsource to an agency:

 You need the best hands on deck to get the most of your investment in digital marketing. It’s okay if you can’t find them on your workforce, don’t hesitate to outsource to experts in the field.

8. Digital marketing is all about selling: 

You must show that your business has a lot more to offer than trying to get potential customers to buy from them or subscribe to their services. Sometimes you should offer freebies, host giveaways, and add value with no strings attached.

9. Social media is all I need:

 Digital marketing doesn’t begin and end with social media marketing. For best results, you should combine social media marketing with other digital marketing channels and practices like SEM, content marketing, influencer marketing etc.

10. Digital marketing is expensive, I can’t afford it:

Don’t let the lack of $1 million budget deter you from kickstarting your digital marketing campaign. You can start small and still get value in return. Most digital promotions use Pay Per Click models that allow you to bid and choose your budget.

11. With enough money, success is guaranteed: 

If you throw all the money in the world into your digital marketing campaign, and you are not driving it with relevant content, don’t expect much in return. Money does not make the digital marketing world go round.

12. My business is not digital marketing worthy:

 For every niche business, there is a niche audience waiting online. You need to launch out, to find out (pun intended 😉

13. Digital marketing is not for B2B: 

There’s a wide range of opportunities your business is at risk of missing if you continue to hold on to the “facts” about digital marketing in Melbourne is not suitable for B2B. People, who represent other businesses, are online looking for the next product supplier or service provider they are in dire need of.

14.  Results are immediate: 

One of the most important facts about digital marketing in Melbourne is that its a process that requires patience. It’s important to set a realistic target and expectations. When done rightly, digital marketing promises impressive ROI, but you will not get it overnight.

15.  Negative reviews/comments are all bad so don’t make room for them:

 Customers prefer an honest brand to a perfect one because, in reality, they know there is no such thing as a perfect brand. Responding to negative feedback and criticism in a dignifying way that shows you are constantly striving to do better is more attractive than hiding or ignoring them.

16.  There is a one size fit all approach

We are just going to put it straight- there is no PERFECT way to do digital marketing. This is because the terrain is prone to changes. What worked today may no longer be effective tomorrow.

17. I can do it all on my own:

Nope, you cannot. Having another individual tell your brand story and push your cause gives more credence to your business, among other things. This is why you need to give influencer marketing a shot.

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