Sttoke - Facebook Management


The mission

STTOKE is an innovative keep-cup that, from the onset, was destined to disrupt the reusable coffee cup market. By offering unprecedented sleekness and intelligence in its design, STTOKE cups enhance the convenience of use by considering an array of instances where practicality, comfort, durability, environmental impact, and physical appeal were important. Their goal is to foster a valued experience within the existing lifestyle of its potential customers.

For STTOKE to achieve the growth targets they were after in the first year, they needed consistent and effective Facebook advertising to achieve these goals. This would ensure that coffee lovers, environmentally conscious individuals and the general public become acquainted with this innovative product. Discover how our Facebook marketing services became an instrumental step to gaining STTOKE the reputation it needed to help become a Gold Winner recipient of the Good Design Award.

The process

When it came to crafting these ads, it was important for us to focus on developing equally powerful ads for an equally powerful product. There was no room to play it safe as these ads needed to make an impact to propel STTOKE’s brand awareness amongst consumers. Our strategy was to observe, analyse and draft a process that would not only lead to sales but create a legacy for STTOKE that differentiated them from competitors. Therefore, we worked closely alongside STTOKE to roll out a series of weekly campaigns with various campaign messages. This way they could be carefully implemented to tie in with the brand’s promotional calendar.

The CODI™ team worked quickly to strategically develop a comprehensive portfolio of ads that guaranteed STTOKE full control of when, where and how the ads were shown. These messages ranged from generic, B2C campaigns introducing the cup, its features and benefits to the general public and more specific B2B campaigns targeted to niche audiences, such as business owners and people in management who could be potentially interested in purchasing the cup in bulk with engravings included.

Various ad formats were used throughout this process, making use of STTOKE’s highly striking visual material (also produced by CODI™ Agency). Video format ads were created to efficiently introduce the product to consumers. Single image ads were powerfully employed to reveal new colours the brand introduced throughout the year, while carousel ads were used for seasonal promotions, making use of multiple images to tell a specific story relating to Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, etc. For this reason, we developed a weekly optimisation model that allowed insights to be made into what variations of visual material and copy work best for STTOKE. We also specified what online users are best to target in terms of age, gender, location, and interests.

The Results

This campaign resulted in impressive results. Ryan Reynolds, Global Marketing and Content Lead at Uber Eats said of the program, “the Uber Eats program has been extremely successful…it is being seen globally as the leading opportunity that we can take to other regions around the world.”

CODI™ managed a large contra allowance monthly which resulted in a total actual reach of over 10 million users which accounts for 40% of the total ANZ region. The combined audience following of all users was over 30 million users. With nearly double the amount of our expected reach, this contra-based campaign exceeded expectations.

The Uber Eats program is a leading example within the CODI™ business of our core practice and ethos regarding innovation; hard data drives creativity. This process still forms the basis for all of our influencer management campaigns and has evolved to be what it is today.



delivered in 20 months



within 20 months



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